Training Courses

Healing and Prophetic Prayer

Level I

This is an 11-week introductory-level course that offers an overview of the healing and deliverance ministry, instruction on basic healing ministry techniques and training in how to better hear God's voice. ALL are welcome. No previous experience is necessary.

The course is designed for those interested in:

  • Learning the basics of how to pray for healing and deliverance.
  • Becoming more skilled at hearing God's voice.
  • Growing in your faith and gaining greater confidence for ministry.
  • Experiencing greater healing and freedom in your own life.

Course Outline:

         Session 1 - Why Healing?
         Session 2 - The Holy Spirit
         Session 3 - Gifts of the Holy Spirit
         Session 4 - The Healing Power of Scripture
         Session 5 - The Healing Power of Forgiveness
         Session 6 - The Five-Step Prayer Model
         Session 7 - Praying for Physical Healing
         Session 8 - Praying for Heart Wounds
         Session 9 - Praying for Deliverance
         Session 10 - The Father Heart of God
         Session 11 - Developing a Prayer Ministry

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Healing and Prophetic Prayer

Level II

This two-day intensive training course is designed for those desiring to ‘go deeper’ in the healing and deliverance ministry. (Completion of Level I required.) In this course you will:

  • Learn more specific and detailed healing prayer techniques.
  • Gain greater confidence in praying for complex physical/emotional/spiritual issues.
  • Have an opportunity to practice some of the healing techniques that you will be learning about.
  • Further learn how to hear God's voice through more advanced prophetic activations. 

Course Outline:

Day 1 (9am-5pm)

         Session 1 - The Question of Suffering
         Session 2 - Generational Healing
         Session 3 - Healing of Heart Wounds (II)
                (Breaking Unhealthy Soul Ties; Healing of Memories)
         Session 4 - Conception to Birth Prayer
         Session 5 - Ungodly Beliefs, Inner Vows and Word Curses

Day 2 (9am-5pm)

         Session 6 - Healing Our Identity
         Session 7 - Hearing God / Prophetic Evangelism
         Session 8 - Spiritual Warfare and Authority
         Session 9 - Praying for Deliverance (II)